Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"Grandma Fish's Mountain Trip"

Last weekend we decided to take a little "getaway" to Curt's grandparent's cabin. We hadn't been there since before Brooklyn was born. It sure is different going up there with kids. We weren't able to do much. We mostly hung out in the cabin and went for walks. Brooklyn had a great time. She called it Gramma fish's cabin (that's what she calls Curt's grandma). I can't wait to go back. Curt doesn't really think it was worth all the work to get up there, but I disagree. It was nice just to get away.

Dylan's favorite thing to do was stare at the ceiling....

and sleep in the jogger..

There are streams on both sides of the cabin. So nice to hear it, there was quite a bit of water going down from the previous snow.

Brooklyn and I went for a little "hike" up the side of the cabin and I made the mistake of telling her we couldn't go any farther because there might be bears. All of a sudden I felt a tugging on my arm, she was out of there!
This is her scared face:)

Unfortunately, the only snow that was there was the dirty kind on the side of the road. Brooklyn still had fun playing in it. Although, she did keep asking if we could go find some clean snow.

Photo shoot on the deck.

This is what we got when we said it was time to go. She just loved it there!! Hopefully we'll go back soon!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Something happened to Brooklyn when she turned 3. To say that she has been a challenge would be an understatement. Along with asserting her independence, she has been sassy, contrary, stubborn, hyper, etc. I am happy to say that with consistent discipline (including "sassy spray" water/vinegar mixture) things are looking up. She still has her difficult moments (who doesn't) but overall has made an improvement in her behavior.
Although, at times, she has made me want to pull my hair out she has always made me laugh. So instead of making the blog post negative I'm going to highlight all the things I love about her....
Part of her asserting her independence includes getting her self dressed. Most Sunday mornings she insists on picking her dress. One Sunday I relinquished some control and let her dress herself. We showed up with her in her puffy Easter dress, "fur" jacket, boots and sunglasses. One word described how she looked that morning, diva!

She's silly!

She has a HUGE imagination. All day long we are pretending. She says things like, "I'm the mom you're the little girl." I've had to play a lot of different rolls throughout the day.

The Jacobs family got her a chest full of princess dresses for Christmas. She wears them every single day.

She's a girly-girl. Loves to play dress up, try on clothes at the store and have her nails painted.

She is an extrovert. She'll talk to anybody. When we're out in public she'll tell a perfect stranger all about herself. Example "Hi my name is Brooklyn! I have blue eyes. I have a baby brother. His name is Dylan. He's SO cute. He's getting bigger bigger bigger. I was a butterfly for Halloween."
We went to the grocery store just the two of us the other day. I let her push her own little shopping cart and she loved it. She was so polite, saying excuse me to anyone that was in her way. Except to one man in particular who cut her off. Then she loudly said, "Excuse you!" When she says it it sounds like, "Scew you!" Embarrassing.
We've been talking about "stranger danger" lately. I'm scared that she would walk away with anyone who asked. So we've been acting out scenarios together. Me-"Hey little girl do you want some candy?" B-"No stranger, I do not want candy! It might hurt my tummy. Then I run away." It took some convincing, she LOVES candy. Now she asks permission to talk to strangers. That's progress.
So shy...

I'd have to say that the thing I love most about Brooklyn, right now, is how much she loves Dylan. She is constantly talking to him, singing to him, kissing him and putting his pacie in his mouth. She tells me how much she loves him and brags about him often. She helps as much as you can expect a 3 year old to help. She'll make a great mommy one day!

It's exciting and sad to see her grow up. She's been telling me that she's ready to go to school with Luke and Wyatt now. I tell her that she can't go until she's four and that I'll miss her. Her response, "Don't worry mommy, I'll come home Sundays." I wish I could freeze time!

Monday, January 17, 2011


Curt got our family photoshop for Christmas. It's pretty complicated so I've found that I need to play around in order to figure it out. Here's one of my "creations".

Pretty cute:)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Any resemblance??

Here's a picture of Dylan and Brooklyn at exactly the same age, in the same spot and on the same seat. Is there any resemblance at all?? I don't see any!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Picnic at the Beach

We had to miss church again this week. Brooklyn still has a pretty productive cough. While I don't think she's contagious and didn't want to freak any parents out. We decided to get out a little and have a picnic at the beach. It was kinda cold at first and then the sun came out and it turned into a beautiful day. And, of course, a great photo opportunity.

Brooklyn wasn't cooperating..

My handsome boy...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Years 2011

We're not usually the type to make a big deal about New Years. Typically we stay home. This year we ended up getting a few invites to celebrate but had to turn them all down due to the family being stricken with disease. So the whole weekend was spent at home. I could complain but it really wasn't that bad. The rainy weather and fire in the fireplace made for a cozy time with our family. We watched movies, colored, baked cookies, and just enjoyed each others company.
Curt even rigged up the stroller for a walk in the rain....

Part of my outfit for the weekend...

Nothing says cozy like a warm bath....