Sunday, February 26, 2012

Glamis for Curt's 30th Birthday!

Curt's request for his 30th birthday was a family trip with Grammy and Papa and the Van Duyns to Glamis.  We had a great time!! This was Dylan's first trip to the dunes and I think he really liked it.  Pretty sure when he gets big enough we won't be able to keep him off the quad!

All packed up and ready to ride!
We had just gotten there and she was filthy already!!
Dylan's first rhino ride....
This was the first trip that Brooklyn actually wanted to ride her quad.  She did much better at stopping and steering.  She gave her daddy some exercise and her mommy a heart attack.
She's getting good!!
 Wyatt's a pro!
Even the daddies got to ride the little quads...
Good times getting dirty...
And eating dirt....
 Doesn't he look like he belongs in Glamis??:)
Wyatt and Brooklyn let me take some pictures of them on the dunes...  Those are some cute kids!
Giving me his best Zoolander impression:)
Grammy brought some floating lanterns that Curt got to let off for his birthday.  Super fun!
 We had a fun birthday celebration for Curt, complete with steak with "curt sauce", those potatoes, salad and Auntie Kim's famous cheesecake.
Brooklyn sporting her party hat and pink eye...
Curt's Bday present from the Van Duyns...
I took the kiddos for a little ride while everyone packed things up to go home...
Dylan helped me get things ready in the trailer:)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Brookyn's Valentine's Day Party 2012

Brooklyn is such a goof ball! 

Always so silly....
She makes it impossible to get a good picture sometimes!
Luke gave up trying to get her to cooperate:)