Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bath Time

Since I was on my own this weekend I decided to give the kiddos a bath together for the first time. Brooklyn was SO excited and loved it. Dylan always loves his bath but is usually very calm and serious. He was all smiles this time. Brooklyn was very careful not to splash and made sure that he was under the water enough so he wouldn't get cold.

She kept kissing his tummy and toes the whole time. So cute!

Check out his rolls!! I love it!

So cute and cuddly in his towel:)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Brooklyn's First Haircut!

Brooklyn leaves much to be desired in the hair department. She hardly has any. Although this is the case, I decided that she needed to get a little trim. The ends were looking pretty unhealthy and I was hoping that it would help it grow a little faster. She was pretty hesitant at first. She walked into the salon doing her best to cover her whole head with her arms.

She was pretty ticked at first..

Then miserable..

As soon as she realized that they weren't going to cut her head off she started to enjoy herself.

When it was over she was pretty darn proud of herself:)

Her reward for sitting still.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Six Weeks

I can't believe that Dylan is 6 weeks old!! Time really is flying by. Here are some facts about Dylan that I'd like to always remember....
  • He's a VERY easy going baby. He only cries occasionally in the car and when he's hungry.
  • At his 5 week check up he weighed 12lbs 2oz and was 23 inches. Putting him in the 95th percentile. (His sister weighed in at a whopping 10th percentile)
  • At 6 weeks he now weighs 13 lbs. He's averaged a 2 oz weight gain per day since birth.
  • He's a great nurser, as evidenced above.
  • He has his good nights and bad nights. To celebrate turning 6 weeks he decided to sleep 5 hours straight!
  • He's been smiling and cooing for over 2 weeks now! He's gifted:)
  • He LOVES Brooklyn. Anytime he hears her voice he searches for her and when he sees her gets the biggest smile on his face.
  • He looks just like his daddy.
  • In the evening before bed he gets pretty restless. He only wants his mommy.
  • He sleeps in a co-sleeper next to our bed.
  • He sleeps best on his tummy.
  • He's most happy and content in the morning.
  • He loves his bath.
  • His eyes are still blue but they look like they won't be staying that way for long.
  • His hair is falling out starting from the top.
  • He's a cuddle bug. I love it!
Unfortunately, I haven't been the best at taking pictures lately. But here are some recent videos.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Trick or Treating

This Halloween consisted of a party at the Ireland's and trick or treating with the Jacobs'. Brooklyn was SO excited. This was her first year trick or treating. When I explained to her what it was her reaction was, "Whaaat?!?!". She thought that sounded like the best idea ever.
She, Kate and Luke ran to each house with so much excitement. As soon as they got up to the door they knocked and yelled "trick or treat!" over and over. At one point Brooklyn said to a lady, "I want some candy." I explained to her that it was rude to say that so the next time she said, "I'd like some candy please" and then "I'd like a different candy please." What a stinker! Between each house she would exclaim how happy she was. It was so cute! Unfortunately it was too dark to catch on video. We did, however, get some good video of them at the door.

Some cute pictures before we left for the party. Brooklyn loves her baby brother.

Trick or treating..