Saturday, November 26, 2011

 I went into the nursery at my mom's house and thought, "what great lighting, I think it's time for some pictures." I was really frustrated when the pictures came out really dark.  With some camera tweaking I finally figured out how to shoot in doors without using the flash! I was so happy:)  Here's the product of my practice.  Not perfect but getting better!

Thanksgiving 2011

 We had a fun and busy Thanksgiving this year.  We are usually in the desert with extended family but we decided to skip it this year and stay home.  We spent Thanksgiving day with the Parker side and the day after with the Vander Molen side.  I didn't do so great taking pictures but here are a few.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

More practice...

This blog just might turn into a record of all my practice sessions.  I'm determined to take better pictures so I torture my children at least 4 times a week by taking their pictures.  Brooklyn was a trooper today.  She sat pretty still so I didn't have to go grab my neighbors baby who can't crawl yet:)
 I had to get the pictures in between Dylan running in front of the camera.  Guess he helped me practice my speed:)
  He even sat still for a minute later in the day so I could get a couple...
 While I am learning to actually take better pictures I am also learning the wonders of photoshop.  Here a couple that didn't turn out so good but were made better with some editing.
I learned that there just wasn't enough light in that room to not use a flash.

And of course Brooklyn dragged me in the room to take a picture of her in her helmet.