Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dylan is 20 Months!

Dylan has changed so much recently that I thought he deserved a "20 month post".  
  • He is such a fun little guy.  
  • He's happy most the time and starting to really get a great personality.  
  • He's all boy.  He loves buses, trucks, balls, etc.  
  • When we're driving he plays his own little game of spotting buses.  All of a sudden he'll see one and yell "a bus, a bus!!" 
  • He's a teething MONSTER!! He hasn't gotten teeth for a few months so when they come in they come in all at once.  He's working on 5 right now!
  • He's obsessed with popsicles.  All day it's, "Pa-coo, Pa-coo".  It's enough to drive you insane sometimes.
  • He can have quite the temper sometimes but it usually resolves quickly.  He'll cry and do a little jig and spin around then fall to the ground.  By the time he gets to the ground he's usually over it.
  • He loves to bug his sister.  He'll do anything to get a reaction out of her.
  • If he gets mad or frustrated he'll zero in on Brooklyn and smack her in the head.  It's getting better though.
  • He LOVES his mommy.  Sometimes he'll put both his hands on the side of my face and just gaze into my eyes:)
  • He's still nursing before nap and bedtime.  We'll be cutting this out soon.  I just need to figure out how to do it with the least trauma as possible.
  • He loves to sing Jesus Loves Me and Bennie and the Jets.  When we're in the car he asks to hear Elton by singing, "Bennie! ssssss"
  • He just started noticing the TV and asks to watch Mickey Mouse Club House.
  • He asks for Nana, Grampa, Auntie and Kate daily.
  • He has a great vocabulary and most words are pretty easy to understand.
  • He's just a great little guy and I love him to pieces!!

Brooklyn's 5th Birthday Celebrations

We started Brooklyn's birthday off right with some donuts from her cousins.  She was expecting a donut visit since we took some to Kate for her birthday.
Then she helped me make cupcakes for her party.  She couldn't wait to "take a lick".
Per her request, I made blue cupcakes with a red heart on the.  They actually turned out pretty good!
We decided to do a fun and easy party at Bounce U this year.  Brooklyn decided she wanted all the guests to wear their pajamas:)  It was SO nice to not have to do anything but make cupcakes and book the place!
Brooklyn greeting her grammy..
Getting all the rules before jump time...
The kids all had a blast!  It was so fun to watch them play.  And some of the adults got quite the workout too!
That climb was harder than it looks!
Dylan spent most the time playing with the door of the hurricane simulator...
Brooklyn was so excited to hold baby Frankie.  So cute!
All the kiddos! ( and Papa)
After they were done playing we enjoyed Pizza and cupcakes.
What a fun day!

My Baby Girl is 5!

I can't believe I have a 5 year old.  I always try to take the advice to enjoy every minute.  Although I do that, it doesn't seen to slow time.  Brooklyn has remained true to herself for the past 5 years. 
Some fun things I want to remember about Brooklyn at age 5:
  • She continues to be an outgoing, happy, friendly and energetic little girl. 
  • She makes us laugh multiple times every day.  
  • She has turned into quite the Daddy's girl since Dylan was born.  I love to see how comfortable she is with her daddy, they have the best time together.  
  • She lives her life counting down the days to the next big event, whether it be a birthday, holiday or a vacation.  Anything to have a good time.
  • She loves to "take sleeper overs".  She's constantly asking her Nana, Grammy and Auntie Shanna if she can take a sleep over at their house.
  • She is still convinced that she has 2 babies in her tummy.  Their names went from both being Jacobs to now being Jacobs and Dapunzel.  On her birthday she was standing in the kitchen and gasped and said, "I think my babies are coming out of my tummy! Oh, never mind, they're not."  She cracks me up.
  • She loves her little brother, even though the fighting is in full swing.  He loves to get a reaction out of her and boy does she give it to him.
  • She talks about Jesus and heaven all the time.  Her 5 year old brain has trouble accepting the concept of heaven.  She will cry telling me that she doesn't want to go to heaven when she's a kid because she wants to have babies.  A very grown up thought for such a little girl!
  • She's VERY excited for kindergarten. 
  • She's quite the talented artist.  I'm always impressed by the pictures she draws.  She's moved on from constantly drawing Olivia the pig to drawing all the Mickey Mouse Club House characters.  
  • She has an impressive attention to detail.  She notices things that I never do. Maybe that's why she's such a good drawer.
  • She is still very comfortable around strangers.  Although, we've had the "stranger danger" talk she still thinks that if she asks them their name they are no longer strangers.  I'm always keeping a VERY close eye on that girl!
  • There are so many great things about this girl that I could write about!  

Friday, May 25, 2012

Palm Desert May 2012

This year we had a great family vacation in Palm Desert.  We, again, stayed at the Jacobs' condo.  We are so lucky to be one of the very few families that use it!  The kiddos had a great time playing on the patio and golf course, riding in the golf cart and swimming at the pool.  Brooklyn made quite the name for herself getting to know the neighbors.  She was remembered by some of the residents from previous years.  As soon as she started talking to them they would say, "I remember you!".  Guess her outgoing personality stands out to people.  She would go from person to person at the pool and ask them if they wanted to go in the spa with her.  When they told her it was a little too hot she would attempt to convince them by telling them how "cozy" it was.  There are no strangers in Brooklyn's world!
Dylan and sunscreen do not agree.  Not only does it burn his eyes causing the blotchy face below but it also gives him a body rash.  He was a trooper though!
This was the best picture I could get of them on the golf cart. Oh well.
Dylan loved playing with his golf set out on the grass...
His favorite game was to see how far out he could get.  He laughed the whole time one of us chased him.  He was pretty proud of himself when he made it out to the sand trap!
Our friends the Nichols have a place near by and decided to join us for a couple days.  We had a great time hanging out at their house.  Teagan and Brooklyn always have fun together.
A little "rest" after a long day of swimming!