Monday, November 16, 2009

Post Op

Last week Bella got fixed. She was a trooper and did really well. So well that last night I took a trip to the vet to get her some sedation pills. Curt's leaving this week for a hunting trip and I wasn't about to be left alone with 2 crazy dogs (one that needs to stay calm) and a toddler by myself. I definitely needed some tranquilizers, either for Bella or myself.

Brooklyn was so cute with her when she got home. She even shared her blankie. That's huge!

Curt built a nice little dog house in our garage. So far Brooklyn enjoys it more then the dogs do. And yes, once again she is wearing an outfit she picked out, along with her rain boots.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Where did she go?!?!

Somebody has invaded our home over the last few weeks. She looks just like Brooklyn, but it's not her. She no longer wakes up w/ a huge smile, she seems to be glaring more than smiling, her favorite word is "no" and she can cry at the drop of a hat. Who is this child?!? Where did my fun-loving, easy-going, always happy baby go? I want her back!

These are the looks I get at least 20 times a day. See?? It looks like her, doesn't it? But it's not.

At least she can still make me laugh. I think she's gonna be one of those kids. You know, the strange one that dresses herself for school. Her favorite new outfit is her Christmas sleeper from last year, rain boots and her koala backpack.

I really shouldn't complain. Even though she does seem to be going through some kind of evil phase, she really is a good girl:)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Night

Saturday night we had a great time at the Van Duyn's annual Halloween party. There was great food, great decorations, great conversation and a jumpy house!

This is the only picture I got of Brooklyn in the jumpy house. She got frustrated that she kept stepping on her dress.

So she decided to just make sure Wyatt was happy by supplying him with chips and kisses.

It's always been a dream of Eric's to be the Karate Kid. It was fun to see him finally live that dream:)

Brooklyn and Wyatt always have such a great time together! Won't these pictures be so cute on their wedding slide show one day?!

What a great night!!