Monday, April 26, 2010

A Glimpse of Summer

This summer I plan on doing lots of this.....

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Easter 2010

I guess it's time for me to finish my Easter blog....

We started off the morning by going to church. Brooklyn loved showing off her new dress. Then we came home for a little bit. She opened her Easter basket, had a mini Easter egg hunt and picked some flowers to take over to Great Grandma.

I went a little over board on the Easter "basket". It also included a new doll and stroller. I had to keep explaining to Curt that it was only because Bella ate her doll and stroller and I was just replacing them.

After taking the flowers to GG we head over to Grammy and Papa's house for lunch. She had a great time with the gang. They decorated their own buckets and went on a huge Easter egg hunt. Brook hit the jackpot in this one. I think Daddy cheated a little for her :)

I had to get a shot of the hair. Too cute!

Pretty impressed with the shot I got of Brook with her cousins. Just missing baby Charlotte.

After a wonderful lunch we headed over to Nana and Grammpa's house for some more Easter fun. Brook got to open up another Easter basket and enjoy yet another Easter egg hunt. By the 3rd one she should have been a pro at finding those eggs! She wasn't. They could be right in front of her face and it would take forever for her to see them! Too funny.

A great shot with Nana & Grammpa!

Not so easy to get a good picture with her other cousins. I tried!

This candid shot ended up being my favorite.

Ready for bed after a busy day!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dyeing Easter Eggs

This was the first year that I decided Brooklyn would enjoy dyeing Easter eggs. I was right. She had a great time and wanted to peak at her eggs almost every hour after. Curt really got into it too.
She wasn't too sure what to think when I was setting everything up.

She only cracked one egg, dropping it into the cup.

Not too happy that her hands were getting dirty..

In the end we had a bunch a pretty ugly Easter eggs. Brooklyn was very proud.

Getting Ready for Easter

The Saturday before Easter we decided to set the "mood" by planting some flowers in the yard. Brooklyn was almost a big help. She at least enjoyed pretending to help.

Ever since a bee buzzed in her ear a little while ago she has a new fear of anything that is a bug. She discovered a rollie pollie and was trying to figure out what happened to it.

Here's the face I got when I asked her about the bugs in the dirt....

All in all a good day spent outside!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sooooooo Behind

I know, I know! I'm WAY behind on blogging. It's been a busy couple of months. So instead of updating on everything that's been missed I'm just going to start over at Easter. So in the mean time, here's a video to enjoy.

This is the ridiculousness that is Brooklyn! It's a little embarrassing, but I had to share it. She's not usually like this!

Call the priest!!