Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dylan is 9 Months!

Dylan has entered my favorite stage. Can I please freeze time?!? He's at the age where his personality is in full force, he's happy almost ALL the time, he sleeps relatively well at night, takes 2-3 naps a day, does not talk back or defy me and is over all pleasant. Love it!
Some fun facts about my baby boy...
  • He has a smile that lights up the room.
  • His lips are SO kissable!
  • He's such a boy. Loves to wrestle and rough house.
  • He loves to bang toys together.
  • He loves footballs, basketballs and soccer balls.
  • He can crawl at light speed.
  • He loves to carry around toys in his hand while he crawls so they make noise on the wood floors.
  • He is SO proud of himself when he goes into his room and gets his pacie out of his crib.
  • He likes to "hide" from me throughout the house.
  • He gets stuck under and behind things at least 5 times a day.
  • He thinks it's hilarious when he's doing something he shouldn't and I say "no".
  • As soon as he sees the garage door open he bolts for it.
  • He goes down stairs head first with precision and little effort. Only once in a while he falls on his face:)
  • He can walk while holding onto furniture.
  • He does not understand that if he dives off of high furniture he will hurt himself. I've caught him by his legs more times than I can count.
  • He can spot tiny objects on the ground from across the room. He will then put them in his mouth and choke on them. As a result I have done the Heimlich maneuver on him multiple times.
  • He's still solely breastfed. While he puts everything in his mouth he has no interest in edible objects. Just paper.
  • He now takes a bottle!!
  • He's 21 lbs and 28 inches. That puts him at 50th percentile.
  • He LOVES Brooklyn. While he is a lot easier to make laugh, all Brooklyn has to do is look at him and he starts cracking up.
  • His hair is curly.
  • He'll be playing quietly and then all of a sudden let out, what I call, a "warrior cry".
  • He's in the stage where he throws everything down on the ground just to watch you pick it up. Fun fun.
  • He never stops moving.
  • He likes to blow raspberries and make a clicking noise with his tongue.
  • Even when he falls over he smiles or laughs about it.
  • Every time I rock him for sleep he puts his forehead against mine for a few seconds.
I love this kid to death and I'm enjoying every moment that I'm allowed to make him a Momma's boy:)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


We had some visitors in our backyard the other day. My worst nightmare. Brooklyn was playing outside and I took Dylan out to dip his feet in the water. I looked up to see a swarm of bees in the tree above my head. As calmly as I was able I got Brook in the house and grabbed the camera to take some pictures from the safety of our back door. So with Dylan in one arm and my camera in the other I looked down to see one crawling on Brooklyn's neck. I quickly and calmly put the camera down and right as I was about to get it off her she heard it and freaked out. I thought it got her but after further investigation I came to the conclusion that I got it off her before the stinger was able to puncture her skin and it was just resting on her neck.

This is what I thought was the bee hive but what turned out to actually be just a bunch of bees hanging on each other.

Curt went to Lowe's to get some bee killer but before he used it I made him call a bee hotline. As he was on the phone with them and they were telling him that it wasn't a hive and that they would probably leave with in 24 hours they had started to fly away in a swarm. I can't write this blog with out itching. Gross!

On a lighter note, enjoy a video of what happened during our walk....

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Brooklyn's Dance Recital

I'm pretty sure this is the most excited I've ever seen Brooklyn. She could not wait for her dance recital! Every day she said, "Do I get to dance on the stage today??" They had a dress rehearsal and the next Saturday was the actual recital. So she had a taste of what the show would be like. On the way to drop her off back stage she was literally dragging me by the arm. She couldn't get there quick enough! Her teacher even said she has never seen anyone so excited for the recital:) The volunteers who watch them back stage gave me a "good luck" when I picked her up and mentioned that she was very "spirited." She has an abundance of energy.

Some pictures in her pretty costume..

After the recital she was greeted by family and given a bunch of flowers. She felt so special!

Her fans:) ( Auntie Kari came too but I didn't get a picture)

Brooklyn did an awesome job. She knew the dance really well when she was by herself but would get thrown off looking at the other girls. She had a very serious expression the whole time because she was looking for people in the audience. She said she couldn't see any people because the lights were too bright. At the actual recital she didn't smile until the curtains started closing and she could hear the audience clapping:)
These are the videos of the rehearsal...

Friday, June 3, 2011

8 Month/4 Year Photo Shoot

Brooklyn is 4 and Dylan is 8 months! I think that calls for a photo shoot!

Dylan hasn't accomplished any huge milestones this month. However, his personality is really starting to show! He's a fun loving, happy little guy. Oh, he does LOVE to wrestle. He tackles any stuffed animals and growls and bites it. He also loves it when Brooklyn gently tackles him. What a boy! I love him to pieces!!