Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Brooklyn's 4th Birthday

Since we had already celebrated Brooklyn's birthday the day before, we kept her actual birthday pretty low key. We, of course, still did the traditional birthday donut. Brooklyn insisted on eating it outside where she had her birthday cake the previous day.
She had a hard time grasping the fact that she is actually 4 now. She's been talking about turning 4 since she turned 3. She kept saying, "I'm not 4 yet! If it was 4 then I'd be at school!" She's too funny!

Just a lazy day at home..

Some fun things I want to remember about Brooklyn...
  • Every year it amazes me that she gets even weirder.
  • She loves to watch Dora on my "umputer".
  • She adores Dylan.
  • She's now figuring out that she can actually play with him. The other day I caught her with a rope tied around his leg. She said she was going to walk him like a kitty cat. A couple things wrong with that picture...
  • She says funny things ALL the time. I wish I was better about writing then down as they happen.
  • She has names all her baby dolls "Jacobs".
  • She thinks that she'll be a baby again one day. One time after she was talking about being a baby again I tried to explain to her that she'll just get bigger not smaller. I said, "You're not going to be a baby again. You'll just get bigger. Next you'll be 4 and start preschool, then 5 and start kindergarten, then you'll go to 1st grade, then you'll go to junior high, then high school, then you'll graduate and go to college and then you'll get married and have babies." She just stared at me the whole time I was talking and replied, "Well, that sounds fun."
  • She calls any random older people grandma or grandpa. We'll be in Target and I'll hear her say, "Hi Grandma!" They're not always amused.
  • She still has NO modesty. Before she gets in the bath she has to run into the family room naked to show us her bunsies. The problem is that she does it even if we have company.
  • She LOVES her dance class and seems to be a natural:)
  • She's never really liked sleeping in our bed at night till recently. Now she wants to be in our bed and cuddle. She likes to fall asleep with my arm over her chest.
  • She's a petite little thing. She finally hit 30 pounds though! She's 37.5 inches.
  • She talks about going to school all the time. She says, "I'm so excited to go to school!! But I'm going to miss you. It's ok though you can leave me there, just pick me up."
  • She loves figuring out who peoples parents are. For example she'll say, "Grammy, who's your mom? Is it Grandma fish?" Or "Nana who's your dad? Is it Bapa?" She's got it pretty well figured out.
  • She loves to be out and around people.
  • She's VERY outgoing and not shy at all. She's got a great little personality. She makes me laugh everyday.
How did she get so big?!?

Happy Birthday Brooklyn!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Brooklyn's 4th Birthday Party

This year we tried to keep Brooklyn's birthday party relatively small by just inviting immediate family (and Brooklyn's best friend Teagan of course). She had a great time. We had yummy nachos, hot dogs and fruit. Nice and simple. At Brooklyn's request we ended the party with some yummy ice cream cake.
We decided to rent a bounce house to keep the kids entertained. They had tons of fun!

The guests seemed to enjoy the food:)

Baby August even got to join the fun. He's hiding inside the Baby Bejorn:)

Brooklyn was SO excited to have her cake with candles on it. And even more excited with she realized that I was going to let her lick them!

The rest of the kids seemed to enjoy their ice cream too.

Brooklyn got some awesome gifts!

Dylan was there too.

What a great day!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Palm Desert May 2011

This year we spent Mother's Day in Palm Desert. Curt took a whole week of work off so we could have plenty of time relaxing and swimming. The first half of the trip was not exactly what we wanted. Dylan had a fever and was miserable from Saturday till probably Wednesday morning. A trip to the E.R. was NOT what we had planned for the week. Long story short, by Tuesday his fever broke and by Wednesday the rash appeared. Mommy's diagnosis of Roseola was correct. In your face stupid E.R. doctor!
The rest of the trip was as relaxing as can be expected with 2 young children.

Brooklyn is still quite the chicken in the pool. By the last day she finally figured out that she could float with a life jacket on and had a blast. Before that she stayed safely on the stairs.

This is how Dylan looked the majority of the time for the first few days. Poor baby:(

The rash.

Once he was feeling better he really enjoyed the water.

We passed time by taking rides in the Jacobs' golf cart. The kids loved it:)

The sprinklers went on out on the golf coarse. Next thing we know it Brook's got her pants off and is running toward the sprinklers on the grass. What a weirdo!

A pretty good second half of the trip!