Thursday, December 17, 2009

2009 Christmas Card Pictures

This year we were faced with quite the challenge....taking our Christmas pictures with 2 dogs (one still a puppy) and a toddler. The dogs get so hyper with any sort of attention so I thought it was going to be impossible to get a picture worthy of sending out. So I did what any level headed person would do. I sedated them. (The dogs, not Brooklyn.) Luckily we had a few pills left over from Bella's surgery. Don't judge, I really didn't have any other option!
I actually did get some cute ones. It was amazing. However, there were many more that went into the reject pile. The following are some of the best rejects.

First, we attempted some with just Brooklyn just in case the ones with the dogs didn't work out. She wasn't exactly cooperating. She kept saying "No say cheese!"

Then we brought the dogs in. They were "tired" enough that they actually sat still for a little bit.

It got difficult when we combined all three.

Are we done yet?!

We knew it was time to call it a day when Maddie would no longer stand.




When all was said and done Brookie needed some love from her daddy.

All in all it went as well as could be expected!

**For all you dog lovers, the dogs were just fine and had a lovely long nap that day**

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Tree Shopping

A couple of weeks ago we set out on the search for the perfect Christmas tree. We thought we'd make a night out of it and go to dinner then the lot on PCH. That was the first place we hit (first of 5). The first lot had great trees and a choo-choo train, but it was a little pricey. So we decided to go look elsewhere. Long story short, we ended up back at the first place:)

Brooklyn was a trooper. She was rewarded by riding the train twice. She also seemed to have just as much fun running around.