Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Just some fun pictures of my bathing beauties!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

11 Months

It's true Dylan is 11 months! Which means he's only a month away from turning 1!! How is this happening?!?  He's changing daily.  He has a great personality and is still super easy going.  He's happy most of the time. However, this month his little temper has decided to make an appearance.  Out of no where he can let out the loudest frustrated scream.  It's actually pretty funny.  He loves to throw around balls and I'm impressed at his skill in doing so.  He's got a really good arm!  He's still not walking but has taken a few steps.  The longest he's gone is about 6 feet.  He gets around really fast by crawling and seems pretty content.  Fine by me!!  He loves to wave and say bye bye (ba ba).  His limited vocabulary consists of daddy, mommy (bobby), hi, bye bye and he does the "what's that?" whisper.  He cracks me up when he throws his head back and does this throaty fake laugh.  These days he's weighing in at 22 pounds.  He is still primarily breastfed but has started to eat some yogurt.  That's it for him..breastmilk and yogurt.  Hopefully we can get him eating so he can enjoy some birthday cake in a month!
Some pictures of my baby boy...
He loves to play on this chair.  He climbs up on it, leans against the wall, rocks back and forth, sits down and rocks some more.
Love his rolls!!
Seriously, look at this face!! I could just eat it up!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

VBS 2011

This was Brooklyn's first year going to VBS (vacation Bible school) and she had a blast!  I was a little concerned at first because she was separated from her cousins but it turned out fine.  She's a pretty outgoing little girl and did well at just going with the flow.  She was one of the youngest in her group and definitely the smallest (as shown in the following pictures).
Waiting patiently for VBS to start...
 Showing off her "light up" shoes to her friend Jordan.
   Her favorite part of the week was the cupcakes. Of course.
It was sad watching her play a "keep the balloon off the ground game" because she was too short to be the first to hit the balloon but she didn't seem phased at all!:)
 She had a great time all week long and is already talking about doing it again next year!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Dylan is 10 Months

Dylan is 10 months and I've seen so many changes in the last month. First of all, he got his first tooth followed by the second a couple weeks later. Now he's got the cutest 2 little bottom teeth! I love that!
He's much more interactive now. His game playing is in full force. He loves peek-a-boo, crawling away while you chase him, making funny faces/noises and pretending to go to sleep on the floor.
He's not walking yet but loves to cruise around furniture and push anything that moves around the room.
He hasn't gained much weight over the last few months. At his 9 1/2 month doctors appointment he weighed 21lbs7oz.
There was the discussion with the doctor about him possibly needing speech therapy secondary to his VERY sensitive gag reflex. His only source of nutrition is me! He has no interest in baby food and gags (then throws up) when he has anything solid. I've tried everything! He has 2 months to get his act together:)
He's such a joy to have around and makes us laugh every day. He laughs so easily now and has the BEST smile. I just love his little lips and could kiss them all day long. He gives me the best open mouth baby kisses ever!

Look at the lips!

The longer his hair gets the curlier it gets.

Playing "nigh-night"