Thursday, June 17, 2010

Brooklyn's 3 Year Pictures

Last week I took Brooklyn to JCPenny to have her 3 year pictures taken. Although she hasn't had a bruise on her forehead since she was learning to walk she managed to run into a wall and get her traditional bruise for the pictures. She hasn't been there in a while so I wasn't sure how she would do. She LOVED it! She posed exactly how the lady told her to and cried when it was over.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Just Because

Today I was in the mood to play with my camera. So I decided to invite Luke over and take them down to the park for some camera practice. We had a great time. They got to run around and play, oblivious to the fact that they were my "project."
I may be biased but I think these are a couple of cute kids!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Brooklyn's 3rd Birthday Party

This year, per Brooklyn's request, we had her party at Grammy & Papa's house. It was the perfect setting for a kids birthday party! Grammy did a great job with the decorations. She definitely has a gift.

Since Brooklyn LOVES ice cream I decided to do an ice cream bar. It set the theme for the party. I used my cupcake stand for some ice cream toppings.

Brooklyn came to the party with Nana & Grampa. I wanted her to see everything after it was set up. She had been talking about her birthday party for months and was so excited when the day actually came.

We had lots of things for the kids to play with. Including this cute little house that Grammy had just got.

So excited!!

I found these cute ice cream cups and thought they'd be the perfect replacement for a goodie bag. Each kid got their own with their name on it.

Thanks to Noelle we got to borrow this amazing water slide. Brookie went on it once. She had fun but once was enough for her.

Check out the determination in her face:)

Luke was not having it. But he gave it a good try. Uncle Curt to the rescue.

Kate and Eli had a blast together!

We had a little pool set up for some of the younger kiddos.

The youngest 2, Sydney and Teagan, seemed to have a great time also.

Taking a break to warm up and eat lunch.

Entertaining everyone is exhausting...

My little birthday girl!!

After a lot of fun in the sun it was time for an ice cream break. Grammy made this adorable cake for Brookie made out of only ice cream. She loved it!

The kids enjoyed "building" their own ice cream sundaes.

She loves getting presents. You wouldn't have known that from how she acted though. She was excited about a few, but really just wanted to go back to the water. Featured below is the tutu that she pretty much hasn't taken off since she got it.

Nothing better than eating a hot dog and watching a movie nudey-cutey while the grown-ups clean up after your party...

The next day was her "actual" birthday. We celebrated with a family tradition...

Happy 3rd Birthday Brooklyn!!!