Monday, July 21, 2008

Arkansas 2008

We just got back from visiting my grandparents in Hot Springs Arkansas. This year it was very different from the past trips:) It's usually a very relaxing vacation. This year, however, was pretty much the opposite of relaxing. Even with all the craziness we had a great time. I called it the "team building" vacation. Brooklyn learned to toughen up a little bit with Luke. By the end of the trip she rarely cried when Luke would touch her. He loves her so much that sometimes it includes grabbing her head and taking her down to the floor. By the last day they even shared a mutual kiss out of the blue. Very cute:) Brooklyn's love and admiration of Kate grew. She loved to follow her around and mimic her to the best of her ability. If Kate had a pair of grown-up shoes on, Brook would be in the corner trying her hardest to get a pair on herself. If Kate was dancing Brook would be right behind her spinning away. Brooklyn loves her cousins!

The trip started off with a long day of travel. The kids did great. Brooklyn and Luke enjoyed running around the airport and playing on the ground:)

Brook didn't dig her life jacket at first. She preferred to watch from the dock. After a couple of days she didn't mind her life jacket and she couldn't get enough time in the water.

We enjoyed a lot of time on the boat. Brook liked wearing Curt's sunglasses to protect her eyes from the wind so we decided to buy her a pair of her own:)

The kids loved swinging in the hammock especially after a long day of swimming.

We took a day off from the sun and took the kids to Little Bitty City. They had a blast.

Curt and John enjoyed themselves too.

As always there were great times in the bath. Most times Kate and Luke would serenade us while Brooklyn looked on in amazement.

There was a lot of down time for just playing around the house. They had a great time playing on the blow up mattress the day we were leaving. In case you're wondering, Kate is pretending she's a mermaid in the following pictures. Brooklyn is pretending that she's Kate;)

The 3 of us took a couple hours away for some site seeing and lunch at an old favorite.

Thanks Grandma and Grampa for letting us invade your house!!

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