Saturday, March 28, 2009

First Swim Lesson

Today was Brooklyn's first swim lesson. I was really nervous about how she would do. She LOVES the water but I wasn't sure she'd be hip with swimming with a stranger. Last week we took her to watch her cousins so I think that might have helped. As soon as Scott came to introduce himself and warn us about crying and separation anxiety she stepped up to the side of the pool and reached for him. She just couldn't wait to get in that water!
I was SO proud of her. Hopefully the next lessons will be just as successful:)

She even did good lying on her back. She was a little tense, but that's to be expected. She had no trouble when he dunked her under the water. She did really good at holding her breath.

When she spotted me at the end of the pool I could tell she was done. Her little lip came out and I could tell she was trying not to cry.


lauren and brad said...

She looks like the little waterbaby on the sunscreen bottle! So cute!

Aaron & Sarah Ireland said...

awesome..she is gonna be amazing and advance fast! i think you can tell alot from a first lesson on how they will act through their many other lessons.