Monday, May 25, 2009

Brooklyn's 2 Year Photo Shoot

For Brooklyn's 2 year pictures I wanted to do something different. Every year we've used the JCPenny photo studio. And while I've always been happy with the turn out I was ready for a change. My friend Rachel always gets her family pictures done by her sister-in-law and I always think they look great but didn't think she offered her talent out side the family:) Come to find out that she does now. I was sooooo excited! Here is the link to some of the pictures. I was really happy with the outcome.


Emily said...

I have made a vow to NEVER again go to JcPenney (for many reasons) but now you have confirmed it for me! These pictures are amazing! :) Such a cutie pie.

julie and jon said...

She is so cute! Great pictures.