Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Baby Girl is 5!

I can't believe I have a 5 year old.  I always try to take the advice to enjoy every minute.  Although I do that, it doesn't seen to slow time.  Brooklyn has remained true to herself for the past 5 years. 
Some fun things I want to remember about Brooklyn at age 5:
  • She continues to be an outgoing, happy, friendly and energetic little girl. 
  • She makes us laugh multiple times every day.  
  • She has turned into quite the Daddy's girl since Dylan was born.  I love to see how comfortable she is with her daddy, they have the best time together.  
  • She lives her life counting down the days to the next big event, whether it be a birthday, holiday or a vacation.  Anything to have a good time.
  • She loves to "take sleeper overs".  She's constantly asking her Nana, Grammy and Auntie Shanna if she can take a sleep over at their house.
  • She is still convinced that she has 2 babies in her tummy.  Their names went from both being Jacobs to now being Jacobs and Dapunzel.  On her birthday she was standing in the kitchen and gasped and said, "I think my babies are coming out of my tummy! Oh, never mind, they're not."  She cracks me up.
  • She loves her little brother, even though the fighting is in full swing.  He loves to get a reaction out of her and boy does she give it to him.
  • She talks about Jesus and heaven all the time.  Her 5 year old brain has trouble accepting the concept of heaven.  She will cry telling me that she doesn't want to go to heaven when she's a kid because she wants to have babies.  A very grown up thought for such a little girl!
  • She's VERY excited for kindergarten. 
  • She's quite the talented artist.  I'm always impressed by the pictures she draws.  She's moved on from constantly drawing Olivia the pig to drawing all the Mickey Mouse Club House characters.  
  • She has an impressive attention to detail.  She notices things that I never do. Maybe that's why she's such a good drawer.
  • She is still very comfortable around strangers.  Although, we've had the "stranger danger" talk she still thinks that if she asks them their name they are no longer strangers.  I'm always keeping a VERY close eye on that girl!
  • There are so many great things about this girl that I could write about!  

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