Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer 2012

 Once again, summer flew by!  We had a great couple of months.
We kicked off the summer with a "cousins" play date.  The kids had a great time together and it was so much fun to see all of the second cousins playing.
 This summer we spent a lot of time at the bay.  I'm usually a Bolsa Chica kind of girl but with the kids, the bay just works better.  They had the best time!  Dylan loved the sand and even played in the water.  One day he had an "almost" lifeguard rescue.  We were all up having lunch and he decided he wanted to go back in the water.  When he saw that I was following him he, of course, started running and lost his footing in the water.  I was right there and grabbed him but the lifeguard was right there also.  Nice to know someone else is looking out for the kiddos!
 They have the best time together!
 The boys:)
We had a great 4th of July this year.  We spent the evening with the Van Duyn's.  They're allowed to have fireworks at their house so we had a great time watching Eric set those off. 
Dylan waiting patiently for the fireworks...
I'm pretty sure this is the longest he's sat still.
  Brooklyn, of course, didn't like the loud noises.  She spent most the time hiding in the house.
No holiday would be the same without a photoshoot:)
And there were some days just spent at home playing outside.  One of Dylan's favorite things to do is play with the hose.  I wasn't able to get any pictures of him and the hose due to his love of spraying me when I go outside.  I did, however, get some pictures of him playing with some home made sidewalk paint.
Bath time after some messy play time. And the many faces of Dylan:)
We went down to the beach to take some summer beach pictures.  It wasn't the best day for this because the wind was blowing which results in sand in the eyes.  Got some cute ones though:)
Brooklyn wasn't as cooperative but I did the best I could:)
A random cute moment.  Dylan LOVES Brooklyn.  He asks for her when she's gone and isn't quite content till she's back.  Anytime he gets something he makes sure Brooklyn has one too.  If I get him a snack he says, "Bookie?" and takes one to her first.  Its really sweet.
Dylan was just being silly one day eating his snack by the door. He's turning into such a goofy little guy:)

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