Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

This year for Halloween Brooklyn got to pick what her and Dylan dressed as.  She picked Smurfs. At first I wasn't too jazzed about her idea but it turned out to be really cute.
Brooklyn insisted that she have a blue face.  When people saw her and said "Oh! A Smurf" she assured them that she wasn't really a smurf.  She was very concerned that people would be confused:)
We started off the evening with a visit to Grammy and Papa's house...
For something new we headed over to our school for a fun Harvest Festival.
After the festival we headed over to the Jacobs' for some In & Out and trick or treating.
This was the only picture I got of the trick or treating.  The older kids had a great time, of course. I wasn't too sure how Dylan would do.  He's a little more shy than his sister and doesn't really like to talk to strangers. He proved me wrong.  He went up to each door carrying his little pumpkin and said, "Please have treat!!" he would then say, "thanks, bye!" and blow kisses.  He was so cute.  He would tell everyone, "don't fall, owies!" anytime there were a lot of steps.  He tried his hardest to keep up with his cousins. He had a great time and I had an even greater time watching him!!  Brooklyn had a great time taking hand fulls of candy.  When I caught her taking more than she should I told her to only take one.  She told me, "I'll think about that". That got laughs from everyone except her parents.
All in all, a great Halloween!

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