Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sea World

This year for my birthday I wanted to go to Sea World.  We had the best time camping in San Diego for the weekend.  The kids loved it.  
We spent a lot of time watching the dolphins.  Brooklyn was SO excited that she got to touch one!
Brooklyn waited patiently for the trainer to bring the dolphin to the wall...
Dylan was so happy to get let out of his stroller so he could run around.
Brooklyn had a great time in the play area. I remember loving this when I was a kid.
We decided to make the most out of the day and have lunch with Shamu.  It was a great way to see the whales. A great experience.
I was surprised that Dylan actually touched the falcon.
Brooklyn asked the guy if the bird bites, when he said no she asked, "then why are you wearing those gloves?" She makes a good point...
Brooklyn LOVED the sea lion show.  It was so fun to see her laughing at the show:)
We ended the day at the same place we started, watching the dolphins. This time we were joined by some tears from Brooklyn. It was a fun day:)

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