Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Card Pictures

There was a big difference between this year and last year when it came to getting the perfect shot for a Christmas card. Last year the biggest challenge was trying to keep Brook's santa hat on her head. This year however was a whole other story.

Last year I got the perfect shots after just one sitting. Look how little she was!

This year I had to do a re shoot. I got a couple good ones, but not any that I felt were card worthy.

This one was cute...but note the top left corner. Not too appealing.

These ones turned out ok...

Here's a little glimpse of the "fun" we had.


The Jacobs said...

She is so goofy...and I still haven't gotten my card. Thank you very much!

lauren and brad said...

Does NOT look like a simple task. But at least she looks adorable! right???!!!