Friday, January 30, 2009

Memoirs of a Brooklyn

I am having SO much fun with Brooklyn at this stage. She has developed such a fun personality and makes me laugh many times throughout the day. There are so many things that I don't want to forget and know that I probably will if I don't record it somehow. I decided to make a list of everything she does that I love.

  • She plays in her crib after waking up from bedtime or nap time for at least 30 minutes.
  • She likes to sleep with about 10 pacifiers in the corner of her crib, but only wants to use the white one.
  • When I go get her in the morning she's stuffed at least half of them down her sleeper. She says "Oh No!!" and grabs between her legs:)

  • I love how she sings her own version of Jesus loves Me. It goes something like.."jee"

**She's not cussing, she's saying "sit".**
  • One of her favorite things to do is sit on the computer and watch Elmo. She plays with the mouse and pretends to talk on her phone.

  • Anytime we drive by a park or large patch of grass she yells from the back seat, "slide and the swing and the slide and the swing and the slide and the swing"
  • She loves to talk to any passing person at the grocery store. But if they laugh at her she tells them "NO!".
  • As soon as we get to the check out counter she thinks it's the Brooklyn show.
  • She loves to let Maddie out of my room in the morning and feed her. She fills the bowl up, tells her to sit, then points at the food and yells "OK", and then pets her and says, "there you go."
  • When we are leaving somewhere she not only kisses everyone bye bye but also kisses all near by objects. Tables, chairs, etc.
  • She will only drink her water if she witnesses me putting ice in it. She then shakes the cup to make sure I didn't trick her.

  • She cries if Luke looks at her wrong. She's afraid of an inevitable wrestling match.

  • Her favorite things to do are anything she sees me do during the day. She pretends to vacuum, dust, feed her babies, put on makeup, etc.

  • Her hair is ridiculous. If I don't have a head band on her or some type of bow she looks like a boy.
  • It's impossible to get her attention when she's watching Sesame Street.
  • Nobody makes her laugh like Maddie. All she has to do is walk into the room.

  • She loves the Playhouse Disney show at Disneyland. I do what I never thought I'd do. I put her on a leash. Otherwise she'd be up on the stage.

  • She's best friends with her puppy Maddie.

  • She has a very high pitched voice. Everything she says goes up at the end.
  • As soon as she gets a pretzel she says, "no no cassie". Whether cassie is there or not.
  • She blows her nose randomly. With or without kleenex.


The Jacobs said...

Why ya gotta teach your kid to cuss with a British accent? It doesn't make it more sophisticated.

lauren and brad said...

This is my all time favorite post. I am CRACKING up laughing! She is so entertaining!!!!

Aaron & Sarah Ireland said...

I am still laughing at the paci's in the jams....i can't believe reagan never thought of that trick! that was soooo funny! i can't wait to show reags tomorrow.