Saturday, June 6, 2009

2 Year List

Since Brook is now 2 I think it's time to do another list of things she's doing so I never forget.
  • She's FINALLY sleeping through the night most nights. It's been about 3 weeks now.
  • She almost always wakes up extremely happy.
  • She loves to go on bike rides and calls them, "re-rides."
  • Everyday she asks for Tate (Kate), Guke (Luke), and Wy-Wy (Wyatt).
  • She calls Auntie Shanna "Annie Sasha."
  • She loves to rhyme. Her favorite is, "oh my, oh why, oh my, oh why."
  • She loves to sing and dance. When she's feeling especially sassy she'll sing, "no no no no no no no" in the tune of Twinkle Twinkle.
  • Her favorite thing to sing is, "A B C D E F G, up above the world so high..."
  • When we're out in public she says Hi to everyone who passes.
  • She still loves her passie and blankie. She has red, white and blue passies. She switches off every few days and prefers only one color at a time. Right now we're doing the red one.
  • We had to teach her to say blue passie because she called it her "Guke passie." Meaning it looked the same as Luke's passie. I decided it was best that she not walk around saying "Guke passie."
  • She's obsessed with the sky and everything in it.
  • Unfortunately she's also obsessed with poop. If it's on the grass she'll run over to it, stand next to it and yell "POOP!!" until she's moved by me or it's picked up. She also thinks that anything dirty is poop. I tried to get her to help me plant some flowers but she insisted that the dirt was poop. "EWWWW.....POOP!!!!!!" We hear it all the time.
  • When asked if she wants something she says, "Oday" instead of yes. I love it!
  • She loves swimming in the spa and will hold her breath for as long as 10 seconds. She goes under and looks around.
  • She's doing SO good at her swim lessons. She had a rough few lessons but it all seemed to click. I give her a pep talk and said "no no crying" and she says, "oday mommy." It worked. Now after each lesson she says, "No die." It took me a sec to realize that she was trying to say cry:)
  • While she's not quite ready to be potty trained she has mastered one of the steps. She loves to sit on the toilet and brush her teeth. She'll occasionally have success and she's VERY proud of herself after.
  • She LOVES little girls. Especially Kate, she follows her around and copies everything she does.
  • We have about a 5 minute "makeout" session every night before bed.
  • She loves her some Wyatt. They have the best time together. I see wedding bells in the future.

She's such a fun and outgoing little girl. I enjoy everyday with her and am blessed to have such a good baby. She keeps me constantly entertained. I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings but I also wish I could freeze time and keep her exactly like she is today.

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Anonymous said...

Dont laugh... but you made me cry reading this post!!! I just want to let you know how much I love and adore my "Brookie-Cookie". I think I love her as much as "Wy-Wy" does... and if they decide to marry... I would only be blessed and elated by that. ( At least I know that I would love "the in-laws")

Amber V.