Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day at the Beach

We had the best beach day yesterday!! I was babysitting Wyatt for the day and decided it would be fun to take the babies to the beach. Of course I called my mom to see if she was up to the challenge.

They were great! Wyatt seemed to love everything about it. He played in the sand and loved to go in the water and run from the waves.

Brooklyn, however, was a different story. She had a great time and seemed to love being there. But when it came to walking in the sand or playing in the waves she was having none of it. She hated having her hands or feet sandy. She just hopped from towel to towel and lap to lap.

At one point she built up the courage to squat next to Wyatt in the sand. It was bugging me that she wouldn't just sit down and play, so i gave her a little push on her bum. She wasn't too happy with me:)

Wyatt could have played in the hole for hours. By the end of the day Brooklyn built up the courage and walked over to him. She was telling him to get out of the hole, Yucky!

They were pretty tired after almost 6 hours at the beach and no naps.

Here's Brookie giving her Wyatt some love.

What a great way to kick off the summer. My goal will be to go to the beach at least once a week. We'll see!!


Nicole said...

I can't wait to visit the beach this summer! Looks like tons of fun and I love Brooklyn's swim suit. Too cute!

Nichols Family said...

Great pic's! What would B do if you had buried her in the sand?? Maybe next time! Teagan had fun watching them. I can't wait till she is big enough to run around with them :)

Kat said...

Serena was the SAME way with sand! It was hysterical. We kept asking each other, "what kid doesn't like sand????" Apparently ours, and yours too =o)
BTW love the pouty face picture!

lauren and brad said...

I love that hat so much!

I like the goal...once a week at the beach sounds pretty darn fun to me!