Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer So Far

I've been told by many that's it's time for a new post. Normally I would have some great 4th of July pictures but my good camera was dead and I had to use my little one. And let's face it, it's just not good enough:) So here's a couple shots I got from the 4th. We went over to Andrew and Andrea's and had a great BBQ and enjoyed some street fire works.

Here's a little peek at how we've been spending a lot of our summer so far. Brooklyn LOVES her sidewalk paint. She has the best time with it and it just rinses off with a hose. Amazing invention! (If you listen closely you can hear her talking about the colors-blue, yellow & pink.)

Bella is such a good sport! She sits on the chair and lets Brook paint all over her.

Then Brooklyn tells her to go to the water and she obeys. She sits right in the middle of the pool and seems to really enjoy being washed off. What a good puppy!!

She loves to eat lunch on top of her slide. No doggies can get her food:)


Kat said...

I love the shot of the dogs WAITING for her to drop food!!

Anonymous said...

Love that she has her shoes on and nothing else!!

lauren and brad said...

It IS about time for a post! She has already changed so much!

I love how much time you guys spend outside! My poor child has been deprived of this because his mean pregnant mama won't bear the heat!