Monday, June 30, 2008

Big Bear 2008

This past weekend we went to Big Bear Lake to celebrate Curt's parent's 30 year anniversary. We stayed in a gigantic "cabin" right on the lake. We had a lovely time.

Brook was helpful packing as always......

She slept almost the whole way there. It made for a relaxing car trip.

We enjoyed 1 ride on the boat. Brooklyn wasn't havin' the life jacket. Every couple of minutes she would let out a very vocal protest just so we wouldn't forget that she wasn't happy.

There was ample bonding time for the cousins. Ava taught Brook a new word, "why." Something we heard often throughout the weekend.

Curt and I took Brooklyn to the park while everyone else went on the boat. **Note the bow Brook is wearing**

Danelle taught me how to make some cute head bows. I like to put them on Brook almost any time we're in public. I get sick of people saying "He's so cute," or "what's his name," or "hey little guy!"

Here are some pictures of the huge house. Plenty of room for us to all spread out.

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