Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Brooklyn's 1st Birthday Party

Sunday, June 1st, we celebrated Brooklyn's 1st birthday. I decided, since she isn't into any cartoons or anything, I would do a tropical theme. I collected random decorations for months in advance.

My friend Amber Van Duyn provided the beautiful flowers to add a touch of class:)

Yes, that's right, I made the cupcakes myself. They'll be featured in the August issue of Martha Stewart's Magazine.

Brooklyn made her grand entrance with her usual big smile. She was so excited when she saw all her friends and family! She looked like such a princess sporting her birthday outfit that I designed and her Auntie Danelle put together.

After she was done showing of her new skill (walking) and her pretty outfit she was ready for a swim. Since we don't have many toys for all her cousins and friends we decided to have a blow up pool for entertainment. All the kids seemed to have had a blast.

Here she is with her friend Wyatt, they love playing together.

After pool time is was time for the traditional 1st birthday cake. My baking skills lacked a little when it came to the cake. She didn't seem to care.

She enjoyed sharing with all her cousins. And I think they enjoyed it as well. They all got their turn dipping their fingers for a little taste.

Here she is sharing with her cousin Elijah.

She received so many good toys and clothes. Every morning since has been like Christmas when she comes out to the family room and sees all the new things to play with.

When everything was over, all she wanted to do was have herself a margarita.....

and take a nap:)

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Anonymous said...

great job on the party! i love the theme and the pool for fun! i will be looking for those cupcakes in the mag...they are much better than most i've seen in there! way to go martha! :)

love, lo