Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Not as planned....

Sunday we had our annual Pa's Pumpkin Patch outing. It didn't exactly go as planned. First we had problem after problem with Brooklyn's costume. After receiving the wrong costume from Target, sending it back, then receiving the wrong size we decided to just go and buy one from the store. The only one left that she was willing to wear was Minnie Mouse, except it was too big. After all the issues I just decided to get it and let it be big. So after all that, the day comes and Luke gets sick. So we were minus the Jacobs family.

All that being said we had a pretty good time. It was a little crowded so we didn't stay long, just enough for a photo shoot. We finished off the night with a pleasant dinner at Lonestar.

Brooklyn was not having it. She didn't like the feeling of sitting on the hay. I didn't try too hard, it wasn't worth it.

We got some cute shots of Javan, Jonah and Sydney.

I think Brooklyn looked pretty cute. She loves Minnie Mouse but would not let us call her Minnie Mouse.

She kept herself very busy piling the hay on top of each pumpkin.


Aaron & Sarah Ireland said...

super cute pics!!! i have a 2t minnie costume if you need it! its the red/blk one!

Anonymous said...

hilarious!! love it!

Anonymous said...

OH MY WORD!!! She is sooo cute! I love the crying pic!

StacyD said...

So cute! Does she love Minnie? Grace is very into her right now!

lauren and brad said...

she looks so cute! and I agree, I love the crying pic!