Saturday, October 17, 2009

San Clemente 2009

For our summer vacation we went to San Clemente for 10 whole days! We had a great relaxing time. Curt's parents were there for half of it and the Jacobs came for a weekend.

Brooklyn had a ton of fun with her cousins. We went to the beach and just hung out at the trailer.

Brooklyn is always so easy at the beach. Since she doesn't like to walk in sand we don't have to worry about her wondering off. Although by the end of the trip she got brave and would attempt to chase after the helicopters that flew by.

We went on some great hikes down to the beach. Brooklyn seemed to really like the "rough terrain." She loved it that Bella and Maddie could go along. She would bark and pant the whole time and when we got back she insisted that she drink water with and like the doggies.

We took a couple trips down the the tide pools in Dana Point. Brooklyn loved watching her first sunset.

Curt's attempt at taking some artistic photos. Not bad:)

We had such a great time, I can't wait to do it again next year!!!


Kat said...

I love San Clemente...your photos remind me of how fun it was! And I love Brooklyn's imagination, drinknig like a dog, that's HILARIOUS. Just wait til you bring those pictures out when she's a teenager,hahahahaha!

lauren and brad said...

I think these pics are gorgeous!